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Wedding Rituals
Rice n "Love"ly
A traditional marriage staple
Like a single grain of truth-rice symbolises fertility, prosperity and plenty throughout the world. Its blessing shower the bride and groom in the West and are offered to the Gods by them in the East.
All You Wanted to Know About Indian Weddings
How Traditional Indian Weddings Take Place
Be it a Hindu, Christina or Muslim wedding, read on to find out about the wedding rituals
Weddings the Italian way
When in as the Romans... - Weddings the Italian way
Italians, historically, have been the most fashionable, most innovative, most practical and probably the most fun-loving in the European union coterie. And their weddings also follow this in tandem.
Kannada Wedding
Kannada Wedding
Naandi is performed separately at bride as well as groom's house. This is to ensure that the marriage takes place despite any circumstances.
Parsi Wedding
Parsi Wedding
The Zorastrians consider the period immediately after sunset or very early in the mornings auspicious for marriage. Most weddings generally take place at about 6.40 pm.
Customs & rituals in Muslim marriages
Qubul Hai! - Customs & rituals in Muslim marriages
The Quran says that marriage (nikah) is a solemn and sacred social contract between the bride and groom. Prophet Muhammad considered simple weddings to be the best weddings. Read on to know more.
Sri Lankan Buddhist wedding
Straight from Sri Lanka - Traditional Buddhist weddings
With the advent of Buddhism in the island, the Sinhalese customs and rituals have undergone vast changes. Here we take a look at a traditional Buddhist marriage in Sri Lanka.
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Kashmiri Hindu Pundit wedding
Weddings in the 'Paradise of Earth' - Let's attend a Kashmiri Hindu Pundit wedding
Though Kashmir is geographically secluded in the valley of hills and snow, the Kashmiri society is close-knit and warm. This characteristic trend is reflected in their wedding customs and rituals too.
Grand Gujarati weddings
Grand Gujarati weddings - Where progressive minds meet traditions
It is interesting to note that unlike most Indian communities where dowry plays a vital role, the Gujaratis have proved to be quite progressive.
English Weddings
English Weddings - From fairy tales to reality
An old English rhyme says, "Marry in September's shine, your living will be rich and fine" and "When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last."
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