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Current Scenario in India for Second Marriages

Marriages are made in heaven, as the saying goes. However what do you do if the first marriage results in a divorce?  After some time, you will look for a new partner. Are people fine with second marriages in India? Currently, the situation is such that many people are getting divorced. Divorce is not just happening to men and women in a period of one or two years after marriage, but also to those who live for ten or even fifteen years with a partner. They find someone else who they can connect with emotionally and physically and go in for a divorce. An abusive marriage partner, harassing in-laws are also situations where people get divorced. Do women or men from such marriage find the partner of their dreams? Yes and no. There are people who are very happy with their second marriage and others who land up filing for a divorce again.  However Indian society has changed in its views on divorce and remarriage.

People's perspective on Second Marriage

Formerly second marriages were considered taboo and people who get a divorce were thought of in a very poor way. The person might have got married at a very young age and due to a difficult marital relationship, filed for a divorce much later. In earlier times, such people did not even think of second marriage.

Now it has become common for people to get married again. There are matrimony sites that offer assistance for people who want a second marriage. These sites have made it easier for people to get a suitable match for the second time. They can find someone who is similar to them in age, qualifications and even children.  These sites have further promoted the possibility of a second marriage. Though those who meet through such sites are mere acquaintances, the fact that they can find a partner who is suitable for their mind set enables them to live happily afterwards. These sites offer reliable information, so finding a partner is easier than just through people know in your community. These sites are easy to use and many people who have used them are able to find satisfactory results. There is no need to pay money to register in them as they offer a free sign up. Second marriages are not just for people who divorce, it is also opted by people who have lost their spouse. These sites are the perfect place for such people to find a suitable life partner.

Some communities till now do not openly accept divorce and second marriage. So, it is important to look into this point before remarriage, because it can affect their relationship. Those who are remarrying with community objections may need to settle elsewhere for a stress-free life.

Second Marriage for Men vs Women

Is a second marriage easier for a man than a woman? Formerly yes, but now women are also able to find the partner of their choice. Earlier when a man wanted to remarry to look after his child it was possible to arrange a marriage with an unmarried woman. Now most divorced men get married to a divorced woman. Women seeking a partner are not as constrained by society as before. They are able to get married because society is not putting a taboo on them. Women who are in difficult marriage relationships are able to free themselves from it and move away from it with a happier second marriage.

Financial stability is also a matter that people think about before getting into a second marriage. Men who are financially well-off don’t think much about getting married again. They feel secure on this point, but men who are not financially stable will think twice because it can be stressful. Women are mostly into work today, so there are financial independent and look for a partner who is able to earn as well as they do and take care of their family’s needs. Formerly when a woman was widowed, it was taboo to think about a second marriage, now it has become a common practice for such women to remarry. Conservative people are now more accepting a second marriage for such women than divorced women.

What is required for a successful second marriage?

Men and women who get into a second marriage need to think a lot before they do it. They must not get into one because they feel pressurized by parents or relatives. They should get into it out of their own choice. Secondly, the emotional baggage from the first marriage must be over. None of the feelings from it should be carried on to the second marriage. This will make the relationship poor. Finally they must select a partner who understands their situation and also who share the same interests as they do. The second marriage should not turn out like the first one, full of mistrust and disappointment. There should also be no comparison with the former partner, as this can create a bad environment instead of making way for a healthy relationship. Those who have not gotten over their first marriage completely should really think twice before they get into a second one. There is no point in bringing its emotional impact into the new marriage and getting into trouble again.

When it comes to the in-laws of the second marriage, both men and women have to be prepared to face skepticism. There might be relatives who feel that the man or the women is not good. There might be relatives who shun them for getting married or coming into their family. These must be understood as part of the marriage scenario and it must not be allowed to interfere with the marriage.

Impact of Second Marriage on Kids

Child custody is an issue to deal with and has to be done properly for the second marriage to work. A very young child, like a two, three or a five year old will not find adjusting difficult. However older children are different. You need to explain about the second marriage to them. The second partner must accept them and the children likewise. This is a point of difficulty in many second marriages as the children are not able to take to the partner so well.  Such matters can create problems. In some situations, they are sent to boarding school or their grandparent’s home till they grow up and find a job and live by themselves. It is important to find a responsible solution where the children don’t feel unhappy with the second marriage because this can bring troubles into it. It is also important to be clear with the second partner if they are fine with children of the first marriage coming into it his or her life because the child has to be looked after and should not become a bone of contention between partners. The child should not feel isolated as a result of the second marriage. In most cases children stay with the mother after a divorce, but there are situations where they can be with the father.

Why do people marry a second time?

If a second marriage can be so complicated, why do people do it? In some cases, the need is for a person to look after their child, while for others it is a means to get away from a traumatic first marriage. Mostly, people want a nurturing and happy relationship, which they cannot find in their first marriage. They want someone who shares their dreams and passions, whom they can better connect with and who can give them emotional security. A second marriage is a second chance to experience a happier marriage and mistakes that happen the first marriage should not occur in this one. It should not be based on financial gains or social prestige. It should be focused on making life with your partner one that is happy and cherished. Hence it is vital to do what it takes to achieve this.

Famous Celebrities who are Remarried

There are many film personalities who have got married the second time. They have openly declared their second marriage and are famous for their second marriage, primarily because of the personality they choose the second time.

One of the most famous celebrity second marriages today is Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra. It was Raj Kundra’s second marriage and he has a daughter from his previous marriage their marriage has produced a son. Another famous bollywood celebrity marriage is Shaban Azmi and Javed Akhtar. Javed Akhtar has two children from his first marriage and none with Shabana. Dharmendra and Hema Malini is yet another well-know celebrity marriage. Dharmendra has two sons from his first marriage and two daughters from his second marriage. Sanjay Dutt and Manyata is another marriage that caught everyone’s attention.  Sanjay Dutt had a child from his first marriage and twins from second marriage.

Do celebrity second marriages work? Yes, most of them are happier with partners in their second marriage. They have launched their own designer wear, produced movies, given stunning performances and shown their happiness to the public.
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