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Found 150 article(s) by author:  Ruchi Agarwal
Top 5 Pre-wedding Fights and How to Avoid Them Top 5 Pre-wedding Fights and How to Avoid Them
At the end of it all, remember to keep your sense of humour and talk about whatever is bugging you. Communication is the key to your happily ever after.
3 trickiest questions your woman can ask you 3 trickiest questions your woman can ask you
The questions themselves are not really that tricky. It's the answers that most men are likely to give that cause the problems.
Taking Care Of Your Guests Taking Care Of Your Guests
Get a low down on the biggest gripes guests have about wedding receptions and how to make sure Your guests have a great time.
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Don't Let Jet Lag Spoil Your Honeymoon Don't Let Jet Lag Spoil Your Honeymoon
Here are some cool tricks to ensure you don't sleep through your honeymoon- thanks to Jet lag.
E-ticketing Or Paper Tickets E-ticketing Or Paper Tickets
With IATA making e-ticketing compulsory for all Airlines, customers may be in for some turbulence in the near future. Look out!
Do Men Use The Headache Excuse Too? Do Men Use The Headache Excuse Too?
Did you know that 80% of men believe that a man who uses the 'headache' excuse is getting his action elsewhere? Read on...
Beating Diabetes Beating Diabetes
As of 2007, India ranks # 1 as the country with the most diabetics. Is all the mithai and sweets that form a part of all Indian celebrations to blame?
Shaaditimes : 10 Favourite Rakhi Gifts 2007 Shaaditimes : 10 Favourite Rakhi Gifts 2007
Picking the right gift for your sibling is not always easy. Shaaditimes selects its absolute favourite Rakhi gifts and narrows down the choices for you.
Shravana recipes To Fast Or Not To Fast
The holy month of Shravana, is here and along with it the days of fasting. Whether you are fasting the whole month or just 4 Mondays, here are some delectable recipes to turn your fast into a feast.
Glossary for brides Shopping For Your Wedding Outfit
Shopping for a bridal trousseau can be harrowing to say the least. Here's a quick glossary to help brides shop for their wedding outfit.
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