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5 Mistakes Women Make in the Bedroom
Top 5 Mistakes Women Make In The Bedroom If you're never sure about whether or not you satisfied your man, here are some tips to keep in mind...

  • Assuming That Men Are Always Ready For Some Action
    While men do desire sex more than women, they too have their off days when they simply may not want to indulge in lovemaking. When this happens, most women end up thinking that her man doesn't find her attractive anymore or is probably having an affair. Relax! May be he's just tired.
  • Not Understanding That love and Sex Don't Mean the Same to Men
    When women have sex, their bodies produce a hormone called oxytocin which brings about an intense emotional reaction from them. A man's body does not produce this hormone and thus, they do not experience that strong and emotional connection as women do. This is why men can have sex without confusing it with love.
  • Always Expecting the Man to Initiate Lovemaking
    Women in general and Indian women in particular expect their partner to initiate sex more often. While, men are generally fine with starting things. They do want their women to take the first step, as it shows them that their women too enjoys sex and doesn't always do it just to please her partner. So ladies, set aside your inhibitions and show your partner how much you love him too!
  • Feeling Hurt When Men Do Not Want to Cuddle
    Women simply cannot understand why men don't want to cuddle after sex but just want to crash. Again, this has more to do with their physical make-up than anything else. After making love, women still remain in a semi-aroused state for sometime and thus, want to snuggle up to their partners, talk for a while, and cuddle. It is all about remaining connected for some more time. But, men don't feel the same. In fact, if your man starts snoring after sex, it could just mean that he has had a terrific lovemaking session – so take it as a compliment!
  • Not Bothered to Keep Yourself Attractive
    When a woman first starts going out with a man, she takes extra care about her appearance. But, a few years into a serious relationship or after marriage, many women tend to let themselves go and don't bother about their physical appearance as much as they did before. Agreed, that responsibilities increase and you may have less time to spend on yourself, but if you made that bit of extra effort to make yourself look good, your partner will find you much more irresistible than he already does, trust us! 
Ruchi Agarwal
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