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5 Cool Ways to Propose to Your Love

Qualities women look for Valentine's Day is round the corner and there can be no better day than this to propose to your sweetheart. Getting your love's name tattooed on your arm or back or surprising him/her with a bouquet that reads, ‘I love you’ is all boring now. It’s time to get more innovative and look for interesting ways to propose your darling. Can’t think of any? Don’t worry! We list down 5 new ways of proposing to your sweetheart...

  • Make an Announcement
    If your partner likes partying, the best option would be to ask him/her out to the city’s best pub. You can dedicate a nice romantic song to your love and call him/her on the dance floor. Ask the DJ to pass you the mic so that you can propose your love right there in front of everybody and we’re telling you s/he will love you for this.
  • Plan For a Group Picnic
    If you love someone from your friend circle, you can ask a friend to set up a group picnic and make sure your friend knows the reason behind it. If s/he loves adventure, choose a location where you guys could go hiking or trekking together, but make sure you have a red rose with you. You can take your love on a route where s/he suddenly stumble's upon this surprise ‘Proposal Picnic’ and then finally you can say those three magical words in front of your friends.
  • Book a Poolside Table
    This one’s for a typical ultra romantic and feminine girl (who's always dreamt of her prince charming proposing to her in a filmi way). The best way to ask her out would be to book a poolside table with the complete champagne, candlelight dinner, flowers routine including getting down on your knee and proposing to her with an engagement ring.  

  • Make it Dramatic
    If your partner enjoys some fun and drama, you can make it all dramatic for him/her. You can either hold a water gun pointing out to him/her and shouting out, “You are under arrest”…(take a pause) and quickly say “for stealing my heart.” Or you could pick up a bouquet, walk over to your love and say, “I just wanted to show the flowers how lovely you are.” Isn’t this dramatic enough? We’re sure, s/he’ll love it.
  • Gift Her a Cute Pup/Kitten
    This is just for girls. If your woman is a pet lover, there can be no better way to propose to her than gifting her a cute adorable puppy or a kitten. Buy her a pet in a basket and tie a ring around the pet’s neck. Once the pet walks towards her, she’ll notice the ring hanging with a note that reads, 'I Love You.' You then walk to her looking into her eyes and wait for her response with a smile. She is sure to like the gift and accept your proposal.
Vipasha Pillai
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