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Love » Compatibility-test » Qui-love4-040315
Do you look before you love?Do you look before you love?
Do you look before you love?Do you look before you love?
  1. How many times have you fallen in love?

     You're lost count.
     Between five and 10.
     Three or four.
     Once or twice.
  2. When you were a teenager, you decorated your bedroom walls with:

     Pictures of horses.
     Posters of pop stars and actors.
     A couple of posters of your favourite star.
     Photographs of your boyfriend.
     Your school timetable.
  3. Your favourite kind of novel is:

     classic tales by bronte, Austen or Eliot.
     A good Michael Crichton thriller.
     A Stephen King horror story.
     You don't have time to read.
  4. Would you kiss someone on the first date?

     If she/he seemed keen.
     Only if you really liked her/him.
     Only on the cheek.
  5. Do you ever give your phone number to someone you meet at a party:

     Always - at least I try to!
     Never - it's asking for trouble
     Once - and you regretted it.
  6. How many of your friends have you known for more than 10 years?

     All of them.
     Four or five.
     Two of three.
  7. Your idea of a good time is:

     An evening at home with a good book.
     A quiet dinner and video with friends.
     A night at the movies with your friends.
     Dinner and dancing with friends.
     A nightclub at which you dance with attractive strangers.
  8. You talk:

     Unusually fast.
     Quiet quickly.
     At about an average speed.
     Fair slowly.
     Very slowly.
  9. On meeting someone for the first time, you form an impression of them immediately:

     Yes, but you're usually wrong.
     You like to get to know someone gradually.
  10. Your longest relationship has lasted:

     More than a decade.
     A couple of years.
     Several years.
     A year or so.
     A few months.
  11. If you could, you would turn the clock back:

     To your last happy relationship.
     Only to relive past pleasures.
     You would't turn the clock at all - you believe in living for the


     So you could work harder at school.
     Only to rectify your mistakes.
  12. Are you still friends with your old flames?

     Most of them.
     One or two.
     Only with the one who still remembers to call on Valentine's Day.
     Absolutely not.
  13. Most important in a relationship is:

     Having interests in common.
     Striking a balance between independence and having shared

    friends and interests.

     Physical attraction.
     That your partner loves you unconditionally.
     That you love your partner unconditionally.
  14. If you could have one wish granted, you would ask for:

     Personal contentment.
     A relationship.
     A frenetic social life.
  15. You spend time on your own:

     For at least two solo days a week.
     As often as possible.
     Occasionally if you're feeling anti-social.
     Only if you're ill and even then you prefer someone to look after you.
     Never - you avoid soltitude at all costs.

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