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House Direction Helps In Deciding
Financial Loss & Gain

Satish Sharma Satish Sharma
Globally renowned Astrologer and Vaastu  Consultant.

Financial Gain

Question Gagan Gupta asks,
My date of birth is 1st June 1977 and my house is east facing. Last year I made lavatory at my home in south direction and when we sit on it our face is towards north and sewage tank is in front of our house. Are these factor affecting my financial planning and job? Please guide me when will I get good career options?
Answer Dear Gagan,

You have not mentioned your time of birth as well as place of birth, so an astrological prediction is not possible. As your house is east facing, the auspicious gates of east should be identified and opened for big financial gains. Toilet in acute south is not auspicious as this is the strong zone of authority and leadership. Due to this reason master bedroom are prescribed in this direction.


Delay In Marriage

Question Vinod Kumar asks,
My name is Vinod Kumar. I was born on 9th August 1968 at 10:35 am, Mysore (Karnataka State). I have done various poojas and also consulted many astrologers for the reason of delay in my marriage. Please tell when will I get married, how and to whom? My house entrance is east.
Answer Dear Vinod Kumar,

Few good dasha periods have passed away in the past. However, good dashas for your marriage are now in the last quarter of 2010 and in the first quarters of 2011.

Empty Nest

Question Anonymous asks,
I was married 26th Dec. 2002 and would like to know about having children in our life. My birth date is 27th June 1978 born Bilimora Gujarat, India birth time 9:45 pm. My husband Jatin was born in Mississauga, Toronto Canada on 16th October 1972 at 3:45 pm. or IST 2:15 am. Presently we both are living in USA. Please look into our compatibility if we have any obstacle, which we can rectify.
Answer Dear Anonymous,

2010 is very auspicious for you for having a child. You should chant Santan Gopal Naam and Bal Kand of Ramayan to strengthen the chances.

Post Martial Life

QuestionTarannum asks,
I was born on 7th Dec.1976 in Bangladesh around 4.30-5.30 am. My mom can't exactly remember. The entrance of my house opens to east. I am wondering when will I meet my future husband. Will I have a happy married life?
Answer Dear Tarannum,

You should shift your bedroom to the northwest corner of your house for an early marriage chant plant Mars as in your horoscope Mars is the planet for marriage being 7th Lord and is combust.

Divorce And More

Question Harjit Kaur asks,
I am born on the 23.8.1960 at 4.30 am. I got married at the age of 23 and got divorce at the age of 34. I had 3 sons with my first marriage. I am working for the government and holding a good position and I am also financially secured. I am now looking for Mr. Right. Is there a change of me getting married again? I still do not have anybody in mind until today. I am born in Malaysia in the state of Telok Anson, Perak.
Answer Dear Harjit Kaur,

Yes, there are strong chances of your second marriage. The period has started and will last up to 2011. Second Quarter of 2010 is important in this regard. You have to keep a cheek on your temperamental fluctuations for harmony in relations.

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