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Matching Your Horoscopes Is Mandatory

Satish Sharma Satish Sharma
Globally renowned Astrologer and Vaastu  Consultant.

Mul Pooja

Question Alpa asks,
I was born on 20-09-1977 at Bareilly (UP) at 11: 40 am. My house is northwest facing. My family is really concerned about my marriage. Please tell if I will get married or not? And if yes when?
Answer Dear Alpa,

You will surely get married. A good period for you is starting from November 2008. This period has many good things in store for your. You need to confirm from your parent whether your Mul Pooja has been done or not. If not it is necessary to get it done before marriage to curb down many obstacles. You should wear a pearl in silver in the ring finger of your right hand. Period from November 2008 to May 2009 is very important and efforts made during this period would yield expected results. You should occupy room in northwest and should sleep with your head in south and legs in north. If the main gate of your house is in acute northwest as mentioned by you then the chances of diseases and illness in the family increases.


Get Your Horoscopes Matched

Question Varsha asks,
My daughter (Poonam) was born on 16-06-1975, Sitapur (UP) at 4:45 am in Lucknow. My house faces southwest. Every time my daughter's marriage is fixed it gets broken midway. Please provide solution so that she can get married?
Answer Dear Varsha,

Presence of Rahu in the sign of debilitation in the house of marriage is the main cause of obstacles in marriage chanting of mantras of Rahu and recitation of Durga Saptashati will pacify Rahu Deva. A better marriage proposal is expected in late 2009 or early 2010. It is very necessary that the horoscopes are matched properly before fixing the marriage.

Failing Relationship

Question Ketan asks,
I am Ketan. Born 11-05-1978 at 6:11am. By birth I was club footed later operated and well now. I developed leucoderma at the age of 5 and they're all over my body. On my marriage front my parents have been trying a lot since past 4 yrs. I have been in relationship but unable to materialize into marriage. Entrance of the house falls towards North. I do sleep keeping head in south direction. Also in job front I reach to the height and then get rejected.
Answer Dear Ketan,

A good dasha has started for you on 17th August 08. You can expect good results especially in your professional life from February 09. As far as personal life is concerned. You may have problems. As mentioned by you one of the relations has broken, this assures upto an extend that some of the problems of married life will subside now. This favourable dasha will sort out many of your problems. For your marriage, period after September 2009 is very favourable.

Marriage And More...

Question Sunita asks,
My date of birth is 20-11-1977 birthplace Mumbai, at 1:52 pm. My house is facing east. Please let me know when will I get married?
Answer Dear Sunita,

Year 2009 is important regarding your marriage. You should chant the mantras of planet Jupiter and should also worship Gauri Maa (Parvati) for better results. In case no positive results come n 2009, the next auspicious phase for your marriage starts in May 2010.

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