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Vaastu  Can Resolve Relationship Dilemmas

Satish Sharma Satish Sharma
Globally renowned Astrologer and Vaastu  Consultant.

Possibility Of Marriage

Question Gursharnjit Kaur asks,
I was born on 14-06-1982, Borivali (Mumbai) at 6.05am, Monday. My house is facing towards north direction, so please tell me when will I get married. If yes, tell me I will be settled down in India or abroad. Let me know the exact year for my marriage?
Answer Dear Gursharnjit Kaur,

The most appropriate period of your marriage is July 2010 to August 2011. You should shift your bedroom to the northwest Corner of your house. You may get married abroad but it may take some time.


Nuptial Bliss

Question Deepal asks,
My date of birth is 12-11-1978; Birth place Ahemdabad, at 7.17am. My house is facing east. Please let me know when will I get married? Is there any chance of traveling / settling abroad? When will I get permanent job?
Answer Dear Deepal,

Chances of marriage are strong in late 2009 and early 2010. You should shift in the northwest corner of your house for an early marriage. Your chances of going abroad and settling there are very strong.

Direction While Sleeping

Question Amitkanti asks,
My date of birth is 01-12-1972, place of birth is Mumbai, time of birth is 9.20 pm. I am not getting married. My house main door's entry is facing north. My bedroom is in the northwest side. I sleep keeping my head on the northwest side. Please tell me where the problem lies.
Answer Dear Amitkanti,

You should keep your head toward south and legs towards north. If you are the eldest member of the family, you should shift your bedroom in south otherwise in west. The best period for your marriage starts from Feb. 2010.

Marriage Failure

Question Govind asks,
I have been living in the US for the past 28 years. I am a biomedical scientist by profession. I was born on 08-02-1945 at 08.23, Maharashtra. I am going through a bad time in marriage and at work. My wife and I do not talk, do not have anything in common and sleep in separate bedrooms. Also, my children aren't very receptive to me. At work things aren't that great. My house front door faces east. My bedroom is on south side of the house. I sleep with my head in south and legs facing north. Please guide me through this situation.
Answer Dear Govind,

Your house main gate seems to be an inauspicious one. An entry as per Vaastu not only brings relief but also explores new opportunities for growth and prosperity. You should get the Vaastu gates identified by an expert to get relief. A period starting from Feb. 2010 will bring some relief for you from the existing condition.

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