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Vaastu  Guides You For A Better Future

Satish Sharma Satish Sharma
Globally renowned Astrologer and Vaastu  Consultant.

Marriage Issue

Question Ms. Masud asks,
I was born on 8th June 1977, Pakistan. I don't know the exact time of my birth but I was born late night between 9-11 pm. I live in Lahore (Pakistan) in army apartments at first floor. My apartment's main door faces west. And my room is in east of our home. Can you please tell me why there is a delay in my marriage?
Answer Dear Ms. Masud,

In your horoscope, 7th lord Mercury is posited in 6th house and is expected by Rahu. The major cause of delay in marriage is combust Jupiter who is the signification of marriage in the horoscope of girls. You should wear a yellow Sapphire gold ring in the index finger of your right hand on any Thursday. This will increase the chances of marriage. You should sleep in the northwest corner of the house.


It Will Be A Love Marriage

Question Abhineet Tikoo asks,
My name is Abhineet Tikoo. I am 26 yrs old. My date of birth is 20th Oct 1981 at 06:15 am, New Delhi. When will I get married? Will it be arrange or love marriage?
Answer Dear Abhineet Tikoo,

There are strong chances of love marriage in your horoscope as there is a combination of 5th and 7th lord i.e. Saturn and Jupiter respectively. You only have to remain firm on your decision. Chances of marriage are after September 2009.

Looking For Opportunity

Question Mona asks,
I was born on 28th of March 1980. At present I'm in Australia. Since the past 6 months I'm trying to get a job but still have not succeeded in getting a good one. I live in a rented apt. My house door faces east. Please guide me what changes should I make, should I do in order to improve my career?
Answer Dear Mona,

As you are living in a rented apartment, Vaastu change may not bring much result for you. You should chant planet Sun. "Om Granih Suryay Namahi" for a good job and also for stability in the job.

Perfect Partner

Question Usha Sattar,
My daughter's name is Pooja Patankar. Date
of birth 12th June 1984, time 06:25 pm, Dubai. Please advice when will she get married and how will her future life be? Will she be happy and will she have children?
Answer Dear Usha Sattar,

The horoscope of your daughter indicates that she may have problems not only in marriage but also in her married life. The chances of her marriage are strong after February 2009, but all care should be taken in the match making. You can make her wear a diamond or Zerkin till her marriage gets fixed but it should be removed before marriage. No big trouble is seen in child bearing but I am more concerned about her married life.

Don't Be Pessimistic

Question Vin asks,
My son was born on 28th Oct 1979 in Calcutta at 11:00 am. Our main entrance is southwest; he sleeps with his head towards east. I would like to know when will he get married and will it be a happy one?
Answer Dear Vin,

The chances of your Son's marriage are strong in the third quarter of 2009 but some thing may be fixed in the first or the second quarter. Your son has to work on the pessimistic feelings he develops occasionally for a smooth married life. He needs to change his sleeping posture also. He should sleep with his head in south and legs in north.

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