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Shape up with your mate
Exercising together can be fun!

Shape up with your mate!
Exercising can be fun, especially when you workout with your spouse. It's a general scenario that partners often do not think alike as far as exercising goes.

But, think about it this way - if you can eat together, watch television and go for a vacation together, why can't you exercise together? And for all those who say that 'Our relationship has lost that vigour', exercising with your spouse can prove to be beneficial and would also give you both some quality time together.

Mamta H. Motwani, Nutritionist and Fitness Consultant Golds Gym International, Mumbai chalks out a simple fitness routine which is easy to follow and also effective for couples:

Warm up and cool down:
Start your warm up with simple stretching exercises to increase the blood flow to the muscles. The best way to do it is by putting on some music and then spot jogging / slow marching for around 15 minutes.

Sweat it out!
Cardio exercises are a must for a complete workout. While choosing a cardio exercise, pick up something, which both of you like and can enjoy while working out. Here are some exercises that you can choose:

  • Walking: The best and the easiest possible exercise is walking. Walk for at least 30 minutes to forty-five minutes everyday. Prefer mornings to evenings, as this can be a perfect start for your day. Also, while you walk you can discuss your day's schedules and other things, which you plan to do that day.
  • Swimming: Swimming together can be fun on your day off. Also, swimming gives you a complete body workout and keeps your body toned.
  • Jogging: Jogging and running are great exercises to help lose and maintain weight. A 15 min jog or running down the road in the morning, if done together can be interesting and would also keep you away from domestic affairs for sometime.
  • Dancing: For all those couples who haven't danced together for quite some time, here's your turn to workout and party, both at the same time. It's a known fact that dancing is the perfect form of exercise, so get into your dancing shoes and have fun while you workout.

Exercise Mate
After your cardio exercises are done, it is always advisable to do some exercises that make your workout complete:


Partner Exercises:
Here are a few exercises that you can do with your partner:

  • Sit with your legs together and feet against each other. Keep your back straight, chest out and eyes on your feet. Hold each other's elbows and pull. This exercise helps to workout your abdomen, hamstring and calves.
  • Sit with your legs apart opposite your partner. Now hold each other's elbows and bend forward and down aiming your abdomen on the floor.
  • Stand with your legs apart, bend on your side, hold each other's arm and pull for maximum stretch. Your arm should be above your head level and behind your ear. Lock your elbow (keep it straight). Repeat on the other side. This exercise is for the waist and arms.

Regular Exercises:
While one partner exercises, the other one counts the number of sets to be done and then take his turn. The idea is to exercise together and also get a complete body workout.

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