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Diet Basics
Your environment is luring you with advertisements to eat junk food and practice a remote culture. It is you who has to take precaution; or you will be a victim to circumstances.
Diet Basics
  • Diet plays an important role in keeping the body and mind healthy. Eat only when you are hungry. Excess food upsets the stomach. Eat seasonal foods.
  • Introduce oatmeal and brine; fiber only tends to fill up.
  • Don't skip your meals; as your body thinks you are on starvation.
  • Get educated about nutrition; knock out weight then and there.
  • Never do a diet less than 1200 calories a day or your metabolism will be sluggish. Hence you will put on weight though you hardly eat much.
  • Follow the Indian traditional thali system with Ayur vedic time belt for a set routine. It is advisable to avoid alcohol and junk food such as cakes, pastries and soft drinks.
  • Add soy to your diet. This will keep you fit.
  • Take multi-vitamins.
  • Drink lots of water. At least 4 liters a day.
  • When you go shopping make sure you have eaten something first or you'll end up eating junk food.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don't skip it, or you're more likely to binge later in the day.
  • Bad words: Fried, stuffed and dipped. Good words: boiled, baked, skin-less.
  • Soups are good foods. They make you eat slower, and are filling, but try to avoid creamy soups if possible and opt for lighter water-based soups.
  • Avoid compromising. Eating a box of fat-free cookies just because it's 'fat-free' is almost as bad as eating a box of fat- filled cookies. Moderation is the key.
  • Caffeine in coffee, tea, and soft drinks produces anxiety and interferes with sleep and medication in many people. Sugar is another culprit. And, of course, avoid smoking, drugs, and the excessive use of alcohol.

Anything Mind conceives, Body can achieve. Iwho thinks about fitness and feels tired! There is nothing wrong with your anatomy; it's only that your spirit needs nourishing. So get evolved; explore the beautiful 'You' within yourself.
Dr. Vivek Nigam - Obesity Specialist
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