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Health » Facial-care » Melasma-081203
Melasma Is Common In Pregnancy

Dr. Jamuna Pai Dr. Jamuna Pai
Leading cosmetologist who runs her own cosmetic clinics in Mumbai.

Multani Mitti Is A Drying Agent

Question Ranjeet Kaur asks,
I have large open pores all over my face. Is it advisable if I use multani mitti mixed with astringent as I have heard that astringent helps to close pores? Please help as by early next year I am getting married soon.
Answer Dear Ranjeet Kaur,

Multani mitti is a drying agent. It will help to dry the acne prone skin and make the skin less oily when used on a regular basis twice a week. Coming to your open pores, there are number of treatments like microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing which when done for about 4 to 6 sittings would reduce the size of open pores considerably at a months gap interval. But be sure you get it done only by an experienced doctor especially the laser resurfacing or else you would land up into hyperpigmentation.


Dark Underarms

Question Kavya asks,
My underarms are hyper pigmented and dark in color. Would you advice me something to reduce it to normal please?
Answer Dear Kavya,

Dark underarms can be because of number of reasons. Obesity contributes to it, so also hormonal imbalance. Also sometimes fungal infection can turn them darker. Always use anti-fungal antibacterial dusting powder in the folds of the body like underarms inner thighs. You can use creams, which contain lightening agents like Kojic acid, Arbutin Hydroquinone at night for 3 months. Next day the skin has to be under strict sun protection by using a sunscreen as it makes the skin more sensitive to sun. So avoid wearing sleeveless next day.

Mild Steroid Based Cream For Sensitive Skin

Question Smita asks,
Since my pregnancy 5 years back, I have developed pigmentation on my face, for which I applied Melacare cream. But my skin became very sensitive after that. So I have stopped using it. Can you suggest any substitute?
Answer Dear Smita,

Melasma is very common in pregnancy because of the hormonal imbalance your body goes through. Melacare works well for this kind of pigmentation. The only care you have to take is that it does make the skin very sensitive. So a good sunscreen has to be used if you are out in the sun. As of now you can apply a mild steroid based cream like Desonide till the sensitiveness settles. Then you can apply creams containing natural lightening agents like Vitamin C, Arbutin, Kojic acid at night. Oral supplements of antioxidants, Iron, and Vitamin C will also help.

Natrual Remedies Work Wonders

Question Nit asks,
My skin is tanned and I would like to remove the tan from my face. My face has turned dark. Is multtani mitti effective and if so, how long does it take to remove tan completely?
Answer Dear Nit,

Multani mitti is for extracting oil from the skin thus making it oil free and giving a nice freshness to the face. Try using creams containing agents like Kojic Acid, grape seed extract to remove the tan. Also oral supplements of vitamin C, antioxidant, and vitamin A will help. Natural home made remedies like ripe papaya or a ripe banana applied on the face for 15 to 20 minutes will help to remove the tan. Please use a sunscreen with SPF 20 to 30 and repeat after every 3 hours if you are out in the sun.

Oily Skin Could Be Genetic

Question Gaurav Nath asks,
I have extremely oily skin and dark sunburns on my skin. Also I do have pimples, which finally leaves a black spot. As a whole it made my face quite ugly. I tried a lot of cosmetics found generally in the markets but of no use. I wanted my skin to be fairer as I had 8 yrs ago but I am disappointed as nothing could bring the change. I even tried creams for non-oily skin but nothing worked. Can I ever have a permanently non-oily and fair skin? Can you suggest me such a remedy, which fulfills my desires, I will be very grateful to you.
Answer Dear Gaurav Nath,

Oily skin could be genetic. So it can only be kept under control by using multani mitti packs twice a week on regular basis. For the marks, when you get pimples please do not pinch or fiddle around with them. Doing so leaves behind very bad scars, which becomes difficult to tackle. Many peels are available like glycolic peels, herbal, and Azelic acid peels. But please get them done only by a good doctor or else you will land up into hyperpigmentation. These peels not only lighten the marks but also give you a nice glow and radiance.

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