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Health » Facial-care » Acne-081027
7 Tips For Acne Prevention That Actually Work
Tips For Acne Prevention That Actually Work People who suffer from acne have only one thing on the top of their minds and that is how to prevent their face from being covered with ugly zits. Living with acne riddled skin is not only very embarrassing, but it can also lower your self esteem considerably and give you a distinct disadvantage in life. Not only that, but if you tend to have severe bouts of acne, then there is a chance that you may have to live with permanent acne scars on your face for the rest of your life! The only way to prevent this from happening is to stop the pimples from occurring in the first place. These tips on acne prevention will help you to do just that.

How To Prevent Acne


  • Keep your skin clean and dirt free at all times. Wash your face twice a day and exfoliate it at least once every week. Do not use harsh soaps on your face but use warm water and a mild face wash for cleaning your face. Ensure that an astringent is part of your acne skin care routine as the astringent helps to control the production of excessive skin oils. This helps to prevent dirty acne from erupting.
  • Pay very careful attention to your diet. Recent research has proved that diet can play a vital role in the prevention of acne. Eating too many fatty foods such as cakes, cookies, pizzas, mithai etc can cause your acne to worsen. Same goes for foods that have high sugar content. Instead, you should try and include as many fruits and raw vegetables in your diet as you possibly can. Such foods have high fiber content and help to keep your system clean, which in turn goes a long way towards preventing acne. Also ensure that you drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water each day so as to keep your skin well hydrated.
  • Wear as little make up as is possible. Also, make sure you choose your cosmetics properly and only buy those cosmetics that are nonacnegenic in nature. People with acne prone skin should avoid buying creamy lotions and oil based makeup. Instead, switch to gels and water-based makeup for your skin.
  • Take quality acne vitamins everyday. Multi-vitamins that contain vitamin A are especially good for acne prevention and so are chromium supplements.
  • Ensure that your bed sheets and pillowcases are clean. People do not realize that hair oils and dirt tend to accumulate on pillow covers and bedspreads, and are then transferred to your skin thereby increasing acne. Thus, remember to change your bed clothing regularly.
  • Make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. Your blood circulation increases with exercise and toxins are also eliminated from your body. Not only does this help in acne prevention, but also makes you healthier overall.
  • Stress is a major contributing factor for acne. It is true that what you're feeling shows on your face, and that is particularly true as far as stress is concerned. If you're prone to getting pimples, then any kind of stress will manifest itself physically in the form of more acne. Thus, keep your stress levels down by using stress-busting techniques such as exercise, meditation, deep breathing, positive thinking, etc.

By using these acne prevention tips, you can be well on your way to acne free skin.
Ruchi Agarwal
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