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5 Ways to Avoid Overeating When Out 

5 ways to avoid over eating when out Most of us end up eating junk food the day we plan to go out shopping or on our day off, right? Soft drinks, chips, cookies, burger or pizza, grilled cheese sandwich or chinese are some common food options we opt for. Eating out once in a while is fine, we agree! but what's also important is how much you eat. There are various reasons why people over eat like; stress, boredom, depression, etc. On the other hand, some people enjoy their food soo much that it tempts them to overindulge. If you think you've been going out of shape due to your eating pattern, here are some tips to keep in mind....

  • Just One Serving
    Your body needs food every two hours, so instead of eating your favourite deep-fried food at one go, it's better to eat small healthy meals every two hours. Even if you're having junk food, make sure you just go for one serving. This way, you won't feel bad about not getting to eat your favourite food, plus you're not over eating.
  • Carry Something in Your Bag
    It's always better to carry a fruit or a pack of digestive biscuits in your bag, just in case you are going to be out all day. Instead of having 2-3 wrong meals, you can choose to have 3 biscuits or a fruit if you're hungry again after lunch. If this is not possible, you could opt for coconut water, buttermilk or a plate of fresh fruit salad but do not eat a stuffed potatoe cheese sandwich or chaat again after a heavy meal. There's no harm in eating, but you first need to learn to burn all the extra calories.
  • Chew Your Food Properly
    We're saying this not because in school our teachers always said you're supposed to chew your food 32 times, but because you can end up stuffing yourself if you eat too fast. Don't believe us? Try it. The more you chew your food, the less you'll actually eat. Why? Firstly, because your jaws are sure to start paining and secondly, because you'll feel bored fo chew your food soo many times.

  • Make a Right Choice
    It's summer time and we know during summer people eat less and drink more. That doesn't mean you can gulp down 3-4 bottles of soft drinks, which is equal to 3-4 meals. In stead, drink water. The more water you consume, the better it is for you. This will not just help you stay hydrated but also improve your complexion.
  • No Buffets
    If you like restuarants that serve buffet, it's time to say good-bye to that place. Remember, the more choice you have, the more chances of you over eating, as you would want to try all the dishes served there. You've paid for it after all, isn't it? It's better to order for one dish and eat limited.

Vipasha Pillai
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