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Tips to Eating Healthy When You're Out 
Tips For Healthy Eating Out Even the best intentions to stick to your diet and eat healthy can go down the drain when faced with a mouth-watering cheese pizza or those wonderfully gooey brownies with luscious chocolate sauce dripping down their side. Although difficult, most of us can somehow manage to remain true to a healthy balanced diet when eating at home. But trying to eat healthy when it comes to eating out or ordering in... it just doesn't happen, does it? Here are some eating out tips that practically guarantee success!


  1. Make sure you don't miss out on any meals the day you intend to eat out or order in. Most people make the mistake of skipping their breakfast or lunch thinking that cutting down on calories in this way will help them make up for the extra calories present in restaurant food. But unfortunately, the only thing this achieves is to make you super hungry and you actually end up eating a lot more than you otherwise would have. So, don't skip any meals. In fact, before heading out, you should eat a small salad or have a glass of fruit or vegetable juice, so that you end up eating less whn you're out.
  2. If the restaurant is not very far, just walk it down instead of driving there. If it's in a mall, you could do a couple of rounds of the mall before eating. When ordering in, try and take a walk after dinner to burn some of the extra calories.
  3. Nowadays, most restaurants have healthy options for those who are trying to watch their weight. This includes wheat breads instead of white breads, clear soups instead of thick broths, sautéed main courses instead of fried ones, and even high protein dishes. With such a wide variety of healthy eating options, you basically don't have any excuse to eat poorly. If it is not mentioned specifically on the menu, do ask the manager for healthier choices of your favourite dishes.
  4. Order dishes that have a lower fat content and are lesser in calories. When we say this, we mean tandoori items in a Mughlai restaurant, steamed dishes and sautéed foods at Chinese restaurants, wheat pizzas and pasta with vinaigrette dressings at Italian places, and South Indian fare (idli, dosa, upma, etc) when it comes to fast food.
  5. Having a sweet tooth can really wreak havoc with a diet, isn't it? If you really must have something sweet, at least try and stick to the healthier options such as fruit salads and other low-fat desserts. Share your dessert with the others at your table, so that you end up eating less.
  6. Agreed, most of us have the tendency to try and finish the portions that we are served because we do not like wasting food, but overeating can have serious consequences on your health. So, don't treat your stomach like a dustbin for leftover food, ask for a doggie bag instead!

Be excited about the healthier options that you have when eating out or ordering in. If you can put yourself in a fun mindset about the better options regarding your food, you'll find that you are always successful in eating healthy, no matter how hungry you are or where you eat!
Ruchi Agarwal
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