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The north, south, east and west of gold...
Trends in gold jewellery designs seen across India

Jewellery in India has drawn upon the many facets of its people, and has in turn been inspiration and solace to both wearer and beholder. Sculptors and painters transgressed boundaries between the real, the ideal and the imaginary, profusely embellishing their images with ornaments. To the many classical writers, gold was a source of enchanting visual metaphors. Rulers used jewels as statements of power and prestige. But to the Indian woman particularly, gold holds special significance to her life. It is far more than the ultimate enhancer of beauty, it is that precious thing which stays and grows with her though the different stages in life, as daughter, wife, mother, and in her personal growth as a woman. It is also her Stridhan - her security in the face of adversity, to be encashed in times of need or distress.


The Indian woman has always been very creative in her expression of jewellery and design. In keeping with India's rich heritage of diversity, jewellery also takes on regional nuances. It is the ultimate and most-personal expression of region specific culture and art, of lifestyles and heritage. It draws inspiration from architecture, dance and even religious customs.

Northern India:
Northern India Women in north India are known for their love for exquisite jewellery and also for being experimental and ostentatious with their jewellery.

Given the trend of ostentatious and bold displays that is the trademark for most of northern India, chunkier the jewellery, the better, making traditional gold a perennial favourite among women in the north.

The 'mangalsutra' has been re-discovered as a fashion statement. Considered a sacred ornament of marriage, designs and style are evolving and becoming trendier. Women in the North are experimenting with antique finishes and embellishments to make the sacred mangalsutra a truly personal demonstration of their style.

Southern India Southern India:
The latest jewellery trends in southern India vary quite distinctly from the north. Gold jewellery is worn, flaunted and enjoyed, even when the occasion does not call for elaborate accessories. Body jewellery is also becoming very popular. It could range from a scarf made out of gold, an intricate sheath of gold that can be used as a belt or even long hoops worn around the arm.

The arrival of antiques: A huge trend in the south now is toward antique ornate jewellery. The traditional Kasu-malai, the chain comprised of coins flowing from neck to waist, is still very popular in the south, and remains a traditional symbol of status and wealth.

Designs have now come full circle, from the traditional floral patterns, glittering stars, swans and lotus patterns, which are old favourites; geometrical designs, intricate filigree and large abstracts are also gaining favour. The traditional Mullai Mottu Malai necklace, which has replicas of jasmine buds all around it, is an example of this old and new fusion. It remains both seeped heavily in traditional sentiments but using contemporary aesthetics in its design and production.

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