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Fashion » Wedding-clothes » Stripes-fashion--060921
Making a Statement in Stripes
They hide all those body imperfections, make you look really presentable, clean and professional, transcend all barriers of skin colour and body types - no wonder stripes are every one's favourite.  But trust us, making a striped statement is not that easy. Here are some wearing tips that will help you get noticed:
Six No No's For Singles
  • "If you are short, vertical stripes are just the thing for you", suggests fashion designer Shane Peacock. They give you the illusion of height.
  • If you want to look fuller, try wearing horizontal stripes. But remember they look better on T-shirts than shirts.
  • Also stay away from broad, heavy and large stripes. Remember, anything over two inches is an absolute no or you will look like you're draped in a bed sheet.
  • "Stripes of similar shades like dark blue stripes on a light blue shirt or silver stripes on a grey shirt are combinations any one can safely sport," says Shane.
  • But please do not wear striped trousers when your shirt has stripes too. Your outfit will look more like a jailer's uniform than anything else.
  • For a more casual look, you can try keeping your shirt out. We highly recommend the look.
  • For men, if you're more flamboyant in your dressing, you can experiment with combos like pink stripes on a brown shirt or a silver shirt with pink stripes. A lavender shirt with purple stripes and vice versa also looks quite cool. Unfortunately, the Indian skin tone is such that people can't go berserk with colour. So, while choosing the maroons, pinks or purples pay heed to your complexion.
  • Diagonal or asymmetrical stripes are all the rage these days. Team them with crisp trousers and you are all set to make an impression.
  • If you're over 40 years and don't like the bold stripes, you could opt for pin striped shirts. They'll never let you down.
  • You can also wear a striped Tee under a blazer or jacket for a semi-formal look.
  • In case of women, if you're plump, avoid wearing horizontal stripes, as it will make you look all the more broader. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are for scrawny women who can afford the illusion of volume.
  • Women who're thin and petite can sport both horizontal and vertical stripes. The horizontal ones will make you look fuller, while the vertical ones will give you an illusion of height.

Vipasha Pillai
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