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Celebrities » Celebrity-news » Things-about-kareena-030105
12 Things You Wanted to Know About Kareena Kapoor
12 things you didn't know about KareenaAre you a Kareena Kapoor fan? If yes, and if you think you know everything about her, think again! We list down 12 things that you never knew about Kareena. Read on to find out...
  • Q. The films closest to your heart are... 
    A. There would be lots of them but if I have to name any two, it would be Tashan because that's when I met Saif and Jab We Met.
  • Q. Your favourite gadgets are... 
    A. Apart from the internet [hey, that's not a gadget!], my computer and my phone. I do not know anything about gadgets. I'm not at all a gadget person.  
  • Q. Do you like reading... 
    A. Reading? Even if I read one page, I feel like passing out (laughs).
  • Q. If not an actor what would you be? 
    A. A lawyer.
  • Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?  
    A. I love watching movies or playing with my niece and nephew. In fact, I think a lot, so if I have the time I just write whatever is on my mind. I enjoy writing more than reading.
  • Q. Which are your favourite travel destinations? 
    A. Jaipur and Switzerland.
  • Q. What's your fitness mantra?  
    A. Yoga and walking is the best exercise. Yoga stretches me out. It's the most strenuos activity I've ever done and that's what keeps me fit. I've been doing yoga for the past 8 years.
  • Q. What is that one thing you hate most about the film industry? 
    A. The Thursday before the release.
  • Q. Being successful to you means... 
    A. Achieving your goals and being satisfied with every aspect of your life.
  • Q. Besides movies, what more are you fond of?  
    A. Food! Especially, good Italian food like spaghetti and pastas. They can really lift my mood. I am very passionate about food but I also believe that you are what you eat, which is why I'm a pure vegeterain.
  • Q. What kind of films do you like watching? 
    A. I like watching English films, especially murder mysteries. I don't watch Indian television, because it's got nothing new to show you. The day I'm free I sit down with my DVDs and keep switching from one sitcom to the other.
  • Q. Which are you favourite shopping destinations?
    A. London and Milan because they have some great stores.
Vipasha Pillai
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