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Love Should Be Unconditional

Divya Chugh Divya Chugh
A renowned tarot expert specializing in relationship issues. She excels in ''Compatibility Counseling''. She has immense experience relating with the problems of professionals, youth, students and families. She gives guidance to all kind of working professionals.

Facing An Appalling Time

Question Gaurav asks,
I am 27, my date of birth is 19/06/81, 10.28 am, New Delhi. Since the last 3 years my luck is being so hard to me. To whosoever I proposed, I have been rejected. I've also put in lot of hard work in my business but hardly succeeded. I wish to do the business of my choice but I am forced to be involved in my parental work. When will I get married and when will my financial situations recover?
Answer Dear Gaurav,

Your Gemini / strength soul always provokes you to do something different. Your candid attitude sometimes brings lot of unnecessary obstacles in your life. Straight forwardness is your strength but at the same time it is your weakness too in business dealings. You loose many opportunities because of being too realistic. You always face same problems in love life also. Year 2009 is not in your favor in both aspects but March 2010 will bring good news in your life related to marriage. Please go for arranged one. According to my analysis present business is not according to your potential. Take personal guidance on this issue otherwise you are destined to face lots of financial blockages in your life. Cards are favoring your father's business. Work on it.

Advice: You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing, which you think you cannot do.


A Perfect Marriage

Question Rakhee asks,
My birth date is 13/04/1983 at 8.05 am, Karachi Pakistan. I want to know when will I get married and whether my marriage will be successful or not? Will I marry in 2009?
Answer Dear Rakhee,

You are a very sweet girl with true heart. Your high priestess soul is destined for marital blockages but year 2009 is very lucky for all high priestess souls as far as marriage point is concerned. Your Arian cards are again favoring your union this year. Please don't get fussy in this matter. Be open to all proposals, take little time to think, take decision & say YES. That's the only solution of your problem. Over thinking is creating lots of delays. In general be mentally prepared for marital problems in future. Your soul is very sensitive in dealing with marital responsibilities. Proper spiritual guidance & counseling will help you a lot. My blessings to you.

Advice: Start saying YES...

Second Time Lucky

Question Jyoti asks,
My name is Jyoti. I live in London and was born on 29/06/1967 at 5.30 am in Nairobi. I would like to find out if I will ever get married for the second time and when? I hope that you can help, as there seems to be no solution to this problem.
Answer Dear Jyoti,

Every problem has a solution. Second marriage is there in your cards but you are loosing all opportunities because of negative visualization of past experiences. I have wonderful remedies for such problems but at your end first start visualizing future marital union. Someone is going to enter in your life within next 9 months with a proposal from his side but you won't be able to accept because of your own aura and mental blockages. Your marital aura is blocked this time. Spiritual remedies will help you a lot in the matter of marriage. Wear Gurishankar rudraksha.

Advice: Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.

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