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World's Top 10 Billionaire Bachelors

It's raining men hallelujah! Or to be more precise... it's raining billionaires! According to Forbes there are 110 single billionaires worldwide just waiting for their ''it'' girl to make an appearance and charm him with her magic.

Collectively, they're worth over a staggering 1.3 trillion dollars. Now that's a mighty chunk of change, and definitely worth a shopping spree or two. This could be the start of another reality show where beauty meets the billionaire and it wouldn't make a difference if he was a geek or not.

On a more serious note it's worthy to observe that not all billionaires are self-made industrious and workaholics. Some made their fortunes in industry, entertainment or just the plain good ole' fashioned way by inheritance - especially the royals.

So what happens when you take single men and add nine zeroes to their bank balance? One can only imagine. They say money changes everything. And for billionaires it certainly opens doors that may otherwise be closed for the hoi polloi. For them everything has the elixir of the Midas Touch. Champagne dreams and caviar wishes are realized eventually only to become part of the mundane.

Billionaire bad boys have the luxury to work (if they wish) party hard (when they want), invest and re-invest (if they choose), and spend without making a dent into their principle. They can take a beautiful commoner and make her a princess. Look at the UK royals - Fergie and Countess Sophie of Wessex. One the daughter of an Army Major and the other a retired salesman. Prince William's steady Kate Middleton is the daughter of a British businessman. In Jordon Princess Noor (formerly Lisa Halaby of the US) and Rania Al Abdullah, the Queen of Jordan were both working women before becoming royalty. Same goes for Harvard graduate Princess Masako of Japan.

Billionaire boys can change the course of national and international politics should they put their weight behind any cause. They can cause a stir with a nod, not have to dress to impress or for success, could probably make a direct call to the Prime Minister without being put on hold, own their own private jet, island, and nation. They can take a private flight to space, and fly hot air balloons and most simply they can have Pizza every day like Bill Gates and not be called eccentric.

For most of us Madonna's material world is fodder that piques our senses and percolates our inquisitiveness and fills reams of magazine pages and television space. For the Billionaire Bachelors it's just another day.

Shaaditimes gives a glimpse of ten of the most eligible 110 billionaire bachelors worldwide who define it really is a Man's World!

(Source Forbes Magazine)
A shaaditimes feature
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