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Never break a trust

Read one of the winning entries of "Write from the Heart" contest

Never break a trust It was a cold evening of November; I was sitting all alone at home waiting for my husband to return from work. I was too much engrossed in my own thoughts that I didn't even hear the phone ring. I got up to receive it but it got cut. Keeping the phone off the hook I noticed this small chit of paper lying under the table, picking and reading it instantly the entire world came crashing down in front of my own eyes.


Let down

How could Dilip do something like this to me, I loved him more than anything else in the world. I married Dilip against my parents' wishes at the age of 20, against my parents wishes and after 14 years of marriage, at 34 I realised that he was having an affair with my best friend. It couldn't have been more traumatising and hurtful than to see my own husband write to my friend that, " Monica, I love you and will always love you more than Nisha." I stood there fearful with tears. Nothing seemed beautiful anymore. "How could he? Where did I go wrong? Why me? All these questions haunted me for that entire evening.

Helpless and hurting

When Dilip returned from work, I had no clue what to say or what to do. I stood there with that letter staring at the person I loved all my life. And suddenly the same man became the one I despised the most. Even his touch became a stinking gesture and the first thing I did was to slap him hard on his face. I wanted to weep and ask him why he betrayed my feelings and my love, but didn't gather that much of emotional strength to do so because the only thought that swept me was anger and fury.

Foolish and dumb

It was then he said that it happened on one nightstand when he had gone to Hong Kong for a business tour. Dilip is a diamond merchant and it was in Hong Kong that he met my friend Monica whom he knew the time we were dating. And for five long years they hid this from me. I feel so foolish and dumb that in get together when both of them were there they acted as if they were strangers and just related to me but behind my back they had this devilish urge to satisfy their physical needs.

Time to leave

That night I packed my bags and left forever. I didn't bother to say a word or to forgive him like an Indian wife, that's not me. It has been three years now, I live in the suburbs of Banglore city and have no clue what happened to Dilip or to Monica though he did come to pursue me and asked for forgiveness but somehow I didn't feel like looking at his face. I have not given him a divorce because I want that he should be punished without ever going for a marital knot.

Faith restored

I now work in a private firm, have a wonderful job and have adopted a baby girl. I never had kids because Dilip was unable to provide me with a baby. Yet when I think of those times I have tears of trusting a man I loved so much. My faith from love has not gone because I am an optimistic and I do believe that life has a lot to offer and I will get my dues of love and devotion.

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Nisha Kamat
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