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Nina is a sensitive, traumatised, shy woman of 35, living an empty life in an isolated ward in a mental asylum. Nina's nurse, Seethamma cries when she talks to anyone about Nina's cruel twist of fate.

Papa's baby
As a child, Nina used to love reading. That was her escape from the world of interacting with people. Nina always knew that people found her ugly, she had buckteeth, and thick granny specs and was reed thin. Nina could have passed off as an Ethiopian orphan. As a result, people paid scant attention to Nina, always fawning over more extroverted and cute children. Thus Nina grew up to be a shy and insecure woman. Her only love was her father, who used to dote on her. Dad used to bring back toys, books and goodies on his way back from work everyday. Nina's mother would fight with her husband and accuse him of spoiling her. Nina's father was fiercely protective about his only child, knowing that his child was not favoured by the cruel world.


Nina always gave everything her 100% and went out of her way to help people, till life dealt her a cruel blow and severed all her ties with reality and sent her straight to the confines of a mental asylum, thereby dooming her to a life of further loneliness and endless voices she would hear all the time in her inner world.

The story goes back to when Nina was 20. A smooth talking, charming, handsome boy, entered her life. Nina was wary of him, as she had stopped trusting people so easily, having been let down by many. He professed true friendship to her, talked to her, drew her out of her shell, went for long walks with her, spent time with her. No one had ever paid her so much attention, except Dad. Nina with her vulnerable mind, started falling slowly but surely, in love with her smooth talking prince. She would make efforts for him and would wait for him like a lovelorn damsel. Her dreams started becoming fantasies of marriage and eternal bliss, with him. Everyone around her could see she was smitten by him. It was purely platonic and a deep rooted infatuation she had. Of course, our handsome prince Vivek, was no fool to the world of love. He knew that given a chance, Nina would go to any lengths for him.

Friend or foe?
Nina had a very attractive and sexy best friend Gayatri. Gayatri had men swooning over her fatal charms, Gayatri was younger than Nina but was more with it, having been exposed to a sleazy life by her alcoholic mother. Gayatri was no babe in the woods. At an early age, she had lost her virginity to a local boy next door. There had been a huge scandal at that time. They had been caught red handed in the act by Gayatri's strict disciplinarian father. The boy had got the beating of his life and was threatened with dire consequences, should he show his face there ever again. Of course, this never stopped Gayatri with her wanton ways. By the young age of 19, she had had a lot of casual physical relationships and it was rumored that she had had couple of abortions too. Gayatri would try to influence Nina's way of thinking and get her to adopt her ways. Nina had more sense and would be firm in her stand. Nina only wanted Vivek the right way, and would have nothing to do with him physically till the day they were married. Nina would constantly dream of her family with Vivek.

Shattered dreams
Then one fine day, Gayatri came across Vivek. Gayatri had gone to meet Nina and return a book, looking sultry as usual, dressed casually in a short tight fitted denim skirt and a tee shirt that enhanced all her voluptuous curves. Gayatri saw prey in Vivek and moved for the kill. With her infallible charm, Gayatri strove to win the heart of Vivek. Gayatri also saw and knew what Nina felt for Vivek. Not being a true friend, Gayatri did not resist temptation and worked on snatching Vivek away from Nina. There was instant chemistry and Vivek fell for Gayatri. Gayatri and Vivek were inseparable from that day onwards. They would use Nina's house as their rendezvous point, flirting and getting physical in front of Nina, not caring about her feelings. Nina's heart broke, all her dreams shattered. She would cry herself to sleep, wondering why she was rejected and humiliated so. Nina maintained a stoic silence in front of everyone. Nina's friends would repeatedly ask if all was ok. Nina's entire world was crashing around her. Nina started going back into her shell, withdrawing from the world. Her counsellor would repeatedly try and get Nina to forget what had happened and concentrate on her studies and to form her career, this was of no avail.

The shady past
What Vivek and Gayatri did not know about Nina's shady and dark past, was that Nina had been repeatedly abused sexually by an uncle, from the age of 5. Nina's father, one day caught him trying to molest her. In an angry fit of rage, Nina's father murdered the uncle. He was acquitted after a long trial, but due to the humiliation of being a murderer and of everyone knowing of his daughters'; molestation, one day he hung himself from the ceiling fan. This scarred Nina and left her mind twisted and her mother a bereft inconsolable grieving widow. Nina's mother took to her bed, crying and moaning incessantly for the rest of her life. Nina was then brought up by her embittered Nani, who would constantly ridicule Nina for having brought the family to so much shame. Nina had loved her father dearly and relied in him for everything. His suicide left her entrusting of anyone. Nina now had no one to turn to but herself and her inner voices. Nina was exceptionally good at studies and always came out with flying colours in most subjects.

Plots and plans
Nina started plotting how she could separate Gayatri from her beloved Vivek. An idea started crystallizing in her scarred and psychotic mind. The only way she could think of that would separate the lovers would be death. Nina had direct access to her chemistry lab at her school. Her scarred mind knew what it was doing in the lab.

Gayatri's birthday was on August 5. Nina invited Gayatri & Vivek for tea to her house. Tea was a medley of assorted sandwiches, pizza wedges, pakodas and a meltingly delicious chocolate devil's cake. Nina was surprisingly very amusing and funny that day. All of them had a great time laughing, cracking jokes etc. At 6 pm, the cake was cut, birthday candles lit and lots of singing and merrymaking.

A murder most foul
Until, the cake was eaten. Gayatri went blue, started gasping and Vivek started vomiting and his eyes started rolling backwards. In 5 minutes, they were both dead, having been fed a lethally poisoned chocolate cake. Nina sat there with a benign smile, singing Happy Birthday To You;..brandishing the cake knife.

The double murder was discovered when Vivek's parents started getting frantic as it was 11 pm at night and Vivek had not returned. They rushed to Nina's house, found the door ajar, and saw her in that lunatic state. And saw to their horror, both Vivek and Gayatri dead.

In the murder trial that ensued, Nina's glory past unfolded. The public was horrified to know what Nina had been through, and the jury came to the verdict that Nina committed murder due to extreme rejection and a weak and scarred mind. Nina was sent to the mental asylum and the verdict was that Nina would remain there for the rest of her life.

Nandishi Shriram
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