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A gift from above

Read one of the winning entries of "Write from the Heart" contest

A gift from above
I was just walking up my road to buy some groceries for my mom when in one of the houses on my lane I saw a guy.... I have been living there for the past 7 yrs and never seen him there at all. I was curious and hence went to see if the house owners had moved out and new people had come in. But the same dog was still there and I recognised him as Rocky who seemed really friendly with this Mr. X as well.

Fine I moved on and as days passed by I suddenly began to see this guy all around me ...even if I just come out to dry my hair he passes if I go to the temple he would be there and it seemed like he was following me but I thought oh my god what the hell is he doing in my area like this ......what will people think and left it there ok one evening as my cousin and me were walking down the road after buying some stuff we saw him approaching from the other side.


Apology first

I immediately told my cousin that this was the guy who has been troubling me for long and she was really eager to see him. I don't know what happened to him he gained courage and decided to smile. As he was too nervous it was not his best smile and my cousin burst out laughing on his face so loudly that even I was embarrassed let alone Mr. X. I felt sorry for him and decided to make up. That night as he came on his usual walks with his dog near my place I wrote on a small piece of paper SORRY. I never knew it would trigger something so big that next day in my garden I found a five-page letter with his name and full bio data.

The beginning

I was shocked and was very upset with myself for have in the first place encouraged him. It began like that he used to throw letters in my garden and I used to do the same when he walked the dog. He then started calling me and we used to talk.
One fine day as he was leaving back to his place Chennai where his parents stayed he called me and told me that he wants to marry me and will come back in three days for the answer.
I was surprised. As he was a paying guest staying near my place for a couple of months I thought that he wanted someone to talk to and I fulfilled it .I imagined I had found a new friend.

No future

Finally, I spoke to my friends and they told me to wait and see if he would come back. I was in my first year at college then so it was too early to decide on marriage.
He did turn up after all and I as we were both of different castes I knew it would not last long for I was sure our parents would stop it.

So I told him that after two years if he manages to convince his parents and as well as mine I would marry him for I was not keen on anyone else and he was a nice guy.
From that day is all hell broke loose. He broke the news to his parents and oh god since then in the next three years lost at least 15 kgs. thanks to them and there narrow minded thoughts.

Confession hour

I also broke it to my parents during their 25th anniversary celebrations when I invited him and introduced him as well. It was nice; my entire family liked him and was keen on him except my dad who said no love marriages for he claimed that as long as he is alive it is his duty to find a guy for me.
Then I left the matter there to God to help and decide if this was to work.
You won't believe it but in the three years that our parents met his parents continued to disagree. But my father convinced them saying that he really loves her and wants her so you must give him the chance to prove that his choice is not wrong

He said that he had a lot of confidence in me and knew that I won't let them down they said to go on with the wedding preparations but were not sure if they would attend the marriage.

Happy hours

I was determined that if they don't come I will go to Chennai and sit there until they come. The marriage was to be in Bangalore for we had all our family and friends there.
Finally one day my to be fianc? called and said that his parents have agreed to attend the marriage. That was the best day in my life.
The next day they came to see me.
I began to shop as well learn their language a little of their cooking. The marriage went off very well with more than 1500 guests attending it.

True inspiration

This is just a gist of the whole story.
I have omitted the pain, the tears, the fights, and the hell of a lot of trouble that his family including his sisters created for me and for him.
Today we are married and very happy with them.
And to be honest they like me as well.
Hope love inspires you for I am sure of one thing that it is a gift from above.

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Nidhi Ramayya
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