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Found 33 article(s) by author:  Pooja Mittal-Aggarwal
Ice breakers for the bahu and her inlaws Ice breakers for the bahu and her inlaws
Some light banter, a dash of teasing and a little flirting is what these games are all about.
Brother O Brother! The role of a brother in a Hindu wedding
Your brother plays an important role in helping you through the most important journey of your life. Here are some traditions that honour the love you both share.
Significance of cereals Significance of cereals
Traditionally grains have always been an essential ingredient at weddings, representing fertility and prosperity.
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Mooh dikhai ki rasam Mooh dikhai ki rasam
Mooh dikhai means 'show your face', but this is a ritual, which helps to introduce the newly wed to members of her husband's family!
Celebrating Ganesha - The Elephant God Celebrating Ganesha - The Elephant God
Lord Ganesha, the symbol of Hinduism worldwide, is also possibly the most recognized Hindu God, thanks largely to his elephant head.
Matrimonial missives Matrimonial missives
Your wedding invitation is often the first that guests hear about your wedding. Do's and don'ts for the perfect wedding invite.
7 tips for the perfect wedding 7 tips for the perfect wedding
Some people are natural born shoppers. They just know what to buy for whom and get a great bargain to boot. Here are some great tips that will help you select the perfect wedding gifts.
Ancestral Rites Invoke their blessings for the marriage
The belief in the Eternal Spirit is among the most important tenets of every religion in the world. It makes mortality easier to accept by retaining a link with those who have passed away.
Upanayanam: The thread ceremony Upanayanam
The journey from being a boy to becoming a man. Brahmins mark it with Upanayanam Samskara or the sacred thread ceremony.
Tips to plan your destination wedding Tips to plan your destination wedding
Having a destination wedding is no longer something couples only fantasize about - it is fast becoming a reality!
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