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 Sunrise - Hema Maharaj
I looked to the east one morning and i saw sunrise,
I looked to the west one night and i saw sunset,
I went to bed and i said a prayer.

Bring me my love and bring him in my thoughts,
In my dreams....i see his face,
I don't know his name,
But my heart throbs,
The morning came and again i saw sunrise.
I felt an ache, i knew he was near,
I smelt his scent and i felt my heart beat louder,
I looked to the west ....instead of the sunset,
I saw his face,he smiled at me.

It happened!
Love at first sight,
I went home and went to bed,
I said a prayer and asked the lord,
Please lord let him follow my laughter,
I fell asleep.......

I woke up and i could smell him,
He was near,
I looked outside to the east and i saw him,
My sunrise ...his face smiling at me.

He approached ....i heard you laugh,he said,
I answered "You are the distant ache i felt in my heart",
Now follow my laughter my darling,
Let sunrise and sunset be ours.
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