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 Waiting for romeo - Aeks
When I was waiting patiently to be read,
None of my words were wrote,
None of them being sung.
I was waiting like tiger in the woods,
Expecting to be hidden from my soul.
Strong of all what is in me to be read
When I was waiting to be written.
None of the guitar strings were vibrating,
Was waiting eagerly for my Romeo,
At the taps of horse perkily eluding from my source.
From core of my heart wanting to adorned,
Rose petals in my hand,
Welcoming the new sun of the love in my sky.
At the new horizon with the mist of the fresh air,
Entering a knight with the shimmering sword.
Leaving my loaning alone,
Reading me word by word,
Singing the each note.
Wanting to be defeated by my spark of armor.
Hunting with his bow and arrow,
Exploring into my soul.
Exhibiting my inner self,
Cherishing me for once for all.
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