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 I wanna be a small girl again... - Noopur P. Pal
I wanna be a small girl again,
Wear my gumboots- play in the rain.

Run to Daddy when Mommy doesn't care,
Cry out loud when life seems unfair.

I wanna smell of the baby soap I used,
I wanna go back with 'them' on that cruise.

Read Noddy and Garfield every night,
Have Daddy tuck me in bed, oh-so-tight.

Put my head on Daddy's shoulder,
Learn to fight and be much bolder.

Put up a fuss- I can't finish my milk!
Go with my brother, back to the skating rink.

I wanna take a nap in my Granny's house,
I still want to watch Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse.

Play for hours together, take a bubble bath,
Not worry about Science, Literature or Math.

I wanna be a small girl again,
Because now my life seems so mundane...
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