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 Let's talk (a short verse) - Noopur P Pal
"Hey people! Can we chat?
Can we clear all the "I said this" and "You said that"?
Is it too difficult to be there for someone?
And, I mean, for always- not just for fun.
Maturing into adults-life seems tough.
Don't expect smooth sailing - the sea sure is rough.
We all have our lives, we put with tantrums,
And feel stuck most of the times, with dimwits and dumb-bums.

But, irrespective of whom I'm stuck with,
I think I've always been there.
Anyone can vouch for that,
I think it's only fair!

You sit down and think about this -
When was the last time you made me feel you really cared?
Do it as if you are returning a favor...
Dude! It's really easy... you just gotta be there.

You must wonder why this must bother me oh-so-much,
You ask me - I'll give you a "oh! Nothing specific as such"
Because it's difficult to answer, even more difficult to understand,
But trust me - it's easiest to lend out a helping hand.

We live our life just once,
It's full of mistakes; it's full of stunts.
But, what we forget is that this is life!
I've had enough of this, I'm gonna stand up and fight!

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going,"
This is known as the Law of Survival.
You have to face it to believe it,
It's the truth - so not deniable!

So, till we meet again, ponder upon this piece.
I'll see you again with some more of "I said that" and "you said this"!
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