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 Learned life !!! - Vijeta
Calmly I sat on the shore of a beach
Looking straight at the red blue sky
Smiling at the sun waving good buy
Could hear the sound of each wave
And slowly reached my inner cave
Saw a kid making a mud castle
Patiently working without any hassles
He felt happy when his work finished
Smiled and danced and was so satisfied
Little did he know the age of the moment
A tide took away the happiness he felt
He looked confused and was tired
But didn't frown nor cry
He moved further a few steps away with his toys
Worked again to make the castle of his joy
He made it again the moment so beautiful
Hey mum! See I've done it again;
Ya son, you learned so soon,
the art of living life on your own;
I looked contentedly and smiled to myself
Thanking my son for helping me grow my inner self
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