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 Cyber space - Rita Setpaul
In a world called cyber space,
Float the longings and desires,
Of a million hearts hanging on line,
Yearning to define,
A reality that is outside,
The confines of the unfathomable,
Sea of cyber,

Amongst the ghosts like strangers,
Sometimes lines cross and paths collide,
Other times, words go through empty tunnels,
And hallow walls, lost and gone forever,
Obsolete as the machine that produced them,

In a world called cyber space
Amidst hundred nameless faces
And thousands of faceless names
Lonely souls roam searching?Hoping,
that within those wide open spaces,
And in those intangible places,
Resides somewhere a moment
Where there is a possibility
That one's true fate exists?

And in a world called cyber space,
I come to find through the forests and deserts,
Of the imagination that in the end,
No distance no time,
No mountain no lines are vast enough
To keep me from
You, my destination.
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