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 The Fairy Tale - Sutithi Chakraborty
Long long ago in a land far away,
A princess in a forest once lost her way
Round and round in a circle she roamed,
None of the roads could take her back home.
Lonely and scared, she began to weep,
No one could hear her, in the forest so deep.
All of a sudden, her gasps were drowned;
In the beat of a powerful galloping sound.
The prince who was out on a hunting spree,
Had spotted her huddled beneath a tree.
He reached out his hand and pulled her across,
She rode back to safety with him on his horse.
Wondering you must be, what happened hereafter,
Did they live on, share the joy and the laughter?
It breaks my heart, to tell you my friend,
But this is the point where the fairy- tale ends
A frustrated lover, in a fit of green rage,
Has ripped off the book, its very last page,
The day when I find it, I'll sure let you know
What happened to them, and where did they go.
And as we wait on, for that blissful day
For the prince and his princess, come let us all pray.
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