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 Black venus - Patricia
Though, yesterday seems so far away
You are my ray of hope,
My only gleam of joy .
For it was you, my source of light!
My gaze seeks, all that you hold.
Your sincerity alone, is what I behold.
No other pursues you, with the affection I have.
My life begins, when appear
It halts, when the darkness is near
Wish I could remember,
The first day, first hour, first moment
Your mesmerizing encounter with me.
Whether promising or dim.the seasons might have been
So unrecorded, it slipped away. Seemed to me, so little.
Yet meant so much .
If only I cud recall, that unforgetful touch.
Now my dreams are but, of yours alone,
You are ma royalty, My heart, your throne.
Today never seems to end
I know this damage, I cannot mend.
Sometimes you make it seem harder, than it has to be
Gaining back your trust, Takes the last of me!
I say all those things, I know it didn't really mean..
Cause my dark sides, are better off left unseen.
No matter what I say, will not make those dark clouds go away!
You may not see from the distance, this little creatures love so intense.
Didn't let love, bring me back to my senses,
But now let your passion tear down my defenses
So please don't abandon me in my moment of need
For every thing u say, I will heed
For I am your Black Venus, and you are my Rising Sun.
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