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 LOSING SLEEP... - Nasreen Ahmed
How do you sleep at night whilst I lie there confused
How do you feel when I feel so used and abused
We were never meant to be romance of the year
But our friendship was something that I held dear

You met someone new and at the drop of a hat
You cancelled out my friendship just like that
How did you go from calling every day more or less
To nothing at all with nothing to confess

I knew you were cold with a heart of ice
I knew you were unfeeling, incapable of ties
But even I did not see how ruthless you could be
And it is once too often that you've done it to me

You had your second chance and threw it away
Typical of you, living day to day
You once said people were numbers in your phone
Easily deleted once your seeds were sown

Well you taught me the hard way but taught me well
They have always said that only time would tell
I have deleted you from my phone and my heart
And I grow stronger each day that we are apart

And if the truth be known I am grateful to you
You have made me uncaring in all that I do
I will always be bitter to save me from repeat
When it comes to relationships I will never be beat

I will give you advice though as an ex-friend
Friendships once broken, never do mend
There is no heavier burden than the guilt you will feel
One day, when someone gives you the raw deal

But don't be sorry when that day comes around
Continue to be heartless and stand your ground
Because people like you never lose sleep
The poison within you in just far too deep
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