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 Love, a feeling too good ... - Amit Saxena
Is Love to look into her eyes and see the endless ocean,
Is Love to see the waves in her curls,
Is Love the sensual touch of her lips
or is it the calm comfort of her bosom?

O little fool, love is all of that and none of them,
Love is the power to know what she wants,
Love is the search of her inner beauty,
the unlocking of her heart and mind.

If you can look at her eyes and tell what she wants,
If u can make her rise above her being,
If u can make her feel like a princess yet be the simplest creature,

If u can listen to her fumes and smile and soothe her,
If u can share her dreams and turn them into reality,
If u can make her laugh when she is sad.

And help her up when she is down,
If u can listen to her silence and feel her presence in you
without closing your eyes ...
U know what is love my boy!!!
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