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 A prayer - Reyaz khan
I may not even know you but still each night I pray,
And ask the lord to keep you safe and happy everyday,
I hope your life is full of joy and that your dreams come true,
I may even want your dreams to happen more than you,

I hope that when we meet you're satisfied with what you see,
And humbly hope that you'll accept the very best of me,
I read and study just to give us things to talk about,
And manage my finances so you'll never go without,

I save up for our dream house with the fence around the yard,
Work out so you can lie next to a body strong and hard,
I only want the Lord to keep me safe so you can have me,
And I can live to be the best man for you that I can be,

I only want the best so I can give it all to you,
You're the most amazing woman that I never knew,
Don't even know your birthday but swear I'll never forget,
All I do is all for you and we've never even met,

Whoever you are and wherever you are I love you with everything I am,
Have ever been, and will ever be
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