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Top 5 pre-wedding fights and how to avoid them
3. Eat, drink, and be merry
Vandana A., a leading wedding planner from Saat Phere, Mumbai says that one of the top things couples fight about is the food and beverage menu for the wedding reception. The fights can get really ugly in cases where one family is vegetarian and the other is non-vegetarian. Or if one family wants to serve hard drinks at the reception and the other does not wish to.

What she suggests couples facing a similar issue is - Compromise.

Solution: If it does not hurt anyone's religious sentiments and is simply a matter of taste, perhaps you can compromise by having non-vegetarian food at some other wedding function (we do have many of these, don't we!?). Go with only vegetarian at the reception so everyone is happy. (Hey! It's going to cut down the budget as well.)

As far as hard drinks are concerned, have a bar in an inconspicuous location such as an adjoining hall and circulate only soft drinks throughout the reception. If this too is not acceptable, organise for a separate cocktail party. Now that's a reason to be merry!


4. The perfect honeymoon
You want to go to a beach location and your fiancé wants to go to the mountains. The fight gets so terrible that you sometimes feel it's best if the two of you went separately!

Solution: Relax, try and settle on a place that both of you will enjoy. If the groom chooses the honeymoon destination, the next time round the bride can choose where to holiday and vice versa. In any case, if all's well you're not going to be seeing much of the place on your honeymoon!

5. Giving is more satisfying than receiving
If only someone told that to the groom's family, right! But, seriously for some people give and take is unavoidable at all weddings and is in fact, very enjoyable too. But if at any time you feel that the demands are getting too big (and that doesn't go only for the groom's family but the bride's too), you may want to rethink the whole thing. This is one area where compromise unfortunately may lead to bigger problems in the near future.

Solution: Till the time neither of the two families are feeling pressurised, go with the flow. You definitely want to take your finance aside and discuss the matter in private if things appear to be getting out of hand.

At the end of it all, remember to talk about whatever is bugging you. Communication is the key to any happy relationship. 
Ruchi Agarwal
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