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How well do you handle your better half?
  1. You are planning a visit to your parents but your partner is reluctant to go. You persuade him by:

      Pointing out that it is your duty as a couple to pay regular visits to

    both sets of parents. You do your bit, so should he.

      Telling him that if he doesn't come with you, the relationship is over.
      Arranging a pleasant outing for the following day, so that he has

    something to look forward to and won't mind visiting your parents so much.

  2. You would love to go for a walk, but your partner is more in the mood for a snooz on the sofa. You:

      bribe him with the thought of dropping in on a cafe for a leisurely

    snack and reading the papers on the way home.

      Accuse him of weight gain and say that regular walks are

    essential for good health.

      Throw a temper tantrum.

  3. You're anxious to make some changes in the house, but your partner says it looks fine just as it is. So you:

      Quietly collect paint samples and style magazine, then, over

    a special supper, describe your ideas as thrillingly as possible.

      Buy the paint and dust sheets and bully your partner into

    helping you.

      Say that since you want the changes, it's only fair that you do the

    lion's share of the work. You know that once you start, he will feel too guilty to stand by and watch.

  4. You feel like an adventure holiday, your partner is dead set on two weeks on the beach. You:

      Threaten to go by yourself until he gives in.
      Say that you have developed a perfectly reasonable phobia about

    getting skin cancer from too much sun.

      Agree to go for a beach holiday more than you can say.

  5. You are at a party. Your partner wants to go home while you want to stay. So you:

      Make sure he has plenty to eat and drink and ask your host to find

    someone really interesting for him to talk to.

      Accuse him of being a spoilsport and insist on staying.
      Ask him to dance - just like you used to.

  6. A friend offers you one of her cat's kittens which you'd love to take. You:

      Take it once and brave the row at home.
      Beg him to come and atleast look at the cute ball of fluff.
      Spend a few days describing how lonely you feel when he is out or

    away, then spring the idea of a kitten when he is feeling nice and guilty.

  7. You would like to take evening classes, but you know your partner would hate it. You:

      Suggest that he takes evening classes, ask him to bring home all

    the application forms and course details, and when he is keen, say that you might as well take one yourself.

      Tell him that he will just have to live with it.
      Say that you feel unfulfilled and would love to take evening classes,

    but you won't if he really objects.

  8. Your partner has never been to an opera, and doesn't want to. You are dying to go. You:

      Tell the partner that anyone with half a brain and a trace of culture

    should see at least one opera in a lifetime.

      Search out some information about opera in general and the piece

    you want to see in particular, and arouse his interest.

      Say that it's important to you to go, and you'll agree to go to anything

    he likes on another occasion.

  9. Your partner badly needs a good haircut. You:

      Arrange a trip to town together and ask if he would like to pop into

    the hairdresser's while you're there.

      Arrange a smart evening out and 'remind' him to have

    a haircut beforehand.

      Tell him that he is looking like an unpurned shrub and should

    go to the hairdresser at once.

  10. You want to see a particular film with a friend and fear your partner will be hurt that you don't want to go with him. You:

      Say that your friend is depressed and you want to do something

    special to cheer her up. You know she'd like to see that film everyone's talking about.

      Leave him a note saying where you've gone and avoid

    a tiresome argument.

      Tell him about your plan and say you wish could have gone

    together but never mind - you can do something special later on in the week.

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