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Is your partner marriage material?
Take this quiz and find out whether your partner is ready for marriage...

  1. You are at a party and a member of the opposite sex starts flirting with your partner. You:

     Feel proud and smile as he/she tactfully declined
     Get insanely jealous and find someone to flirt with
     Hope he/she responds to the person so that you finally have a solid

    reason to bail

  2. You're at a dinner party, and you tell a joke that flops. Your partner:

     Smiles and tries to improve your joke
     Diverts attention with an interesting anecdote
     Stares silently at you

  3. It's your birthday, and the "perfect night" includes:

     An intimate, home-cooked candlelight dinner
     A surprise party hosted by your partner
     A girl's / guy's night out

  4. The first time he/she met your parents, you:

     Actually imagined your mother hugging him/her after they

    announced your engagement

     Surprised yourself on how comfortable you feel
     Saw him/her through their eyes and started doubting if he / she

    was worthy

  5. He / she picks up your friend's baby and:

     Says, with a faraway look, "Isn't he so cute?"
     Holds him awkwardly, but with good effort
     Holds him straight out and says, "This thing smells!"

  6. You're with her on a drive. You:

     Make sure to take the longer, more scenic route
     Blast music in the car
     Wonder when you will reach your destination

  7. You finally have the big talk about your sexual past. You realize:

     Every intimate detail makes him / her immensely jealous
     He / she is very innocent or very experienced
     He / she is a complete liar

  8. You come home from a hectic day at work and find your partner at your place. You:

     Smile and realize nothing is that bad while he/she's in your life
     Talk about the day
     Curse that now you have to deal with him/her too

  9. When you mention your partner's name to your intimate friends. They:

     Ask how he/she is doing and when is D-day
     Start teasing you about your love
     Exchange dirty glances among each other or change the topic

  10. You get the job of your dreams but you have to move to another city so you ask your partner to come with you. He/she:

     Encourages you and says yes
     Says that he/she will think about it and adds an 'I love you'
     Says 'if you love me you won't go'

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