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Rectify Your Shortcomings

Dr. Tushar Guha Dr. Tushar Guha
Is the Founder Managing Director of Nrityanjali - the Institute of Performing Arts, Education, Personality Development and Management Services. He is also a practicing Psychologist, Counsellor, Educationist & Corporate Trainer. Have a question? Click here...

Courses For Etiquette

Question Saima asks,
I am in love with a guy. He resides abroad and we haven't met each other. Now there are few things that scare me. I lack fashion sense and don't have proper dressing sense. I can't present myself well and these things affect me bitterly. Can you groom me up?
Answer Dear Saima,

Yes, we have courses for etiquette and grooming and you can join too. Till such time, you should see yourself in the mirror, appreciate yourself. Also appreciate your body. However, please do consult an expert. If in Mumbai, you can approach me also.


Give Space

Question Mona asks,
My daughter is just three and she is an active, bright, fast learner, confident & intelligent baby. She has won the 2nd prize in recitation competition 6 months back. But now she has totally given up her performances because it so happened that during some function she was jolted seeing other parents. She got cold feet and refused to say anything. After seeing other kids perform she went ahead with her show but from that day till now she doesn't want to join any activities. What can be done so that we can remove stage fright from her?
Answer Dear Mona,

Your daughter is just 3 years old. We need to give space to our kids. Leave her alone for sometime. Do not even speak of competitions and compare her with others. Appreciate her for whatever she does. Gradually she will come around. Please note it will take even a year. If we push, she might lose all her initiative forever. We should not be demanding on our child.

Rectify Your Shortcomings

Question Yoginder asks,
I am a management student and at times I cannot pronounce my own name. I stammer but this is not by birth. It happens especially when I am nervous. Can this problem be treated?
Answer Dear Yoginder,

Yes, you need to meet a psychologist or a counsellor and NOT a Psychiatrist. We need to identify the area and the reasons. I feel your self-esteem is low. As of now simply appreciate your body, dress well and socialise. Try and write down your strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate and grow on your strengths and rectify your shortcomings. Please do consult a counsellor at the earliest.

Support Your Spouse

Question Dear Raj,
My wife is from a village and I am high profile finance professional. So the more I am outspoken and dynamic, she is more shy and a closed personality (language is another barrier as she doesn't know English). I love my wife very much and want to know if there is any institute or grooming centre of repute in Bangalore where I can put her to improve her personality.
Answer Dear Raj,

You will have English Speaking Classes everywhere. You may please surf the net for personality development classes in Bangalore. We have classes in Mumbai. You can also be very supportive and appreciative of your wife - your love for her will help her outgrow her inhibitions. Give her a feeling that you not only love her but also respect her and you are very proud of her.

Think In English!

Question Radhika asks,
I want to improve my communication skills and want to grow career wise as well. I am trying to learn and communicate in English but I'm scared whether it is wrong or right? How do I point out my mistakes and rectify them?
Answer Dear Radhika,

Please join English Speaking Classes. Read magazines, News papers, Fiction regularly. Also think in English and speak English always. Read various articles on career development.

Dr. Tushar Guha will answer your queries. Ask now!
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