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Time to Get Back in Shape Women!
Unfortunately, mistaken beliefs, folklore, and confusion plague the fitness industry, especially in regard to women’s fitness.

Most womenGuidelines for women who start a fitness program end up losing interest quite easily. This is because no one explained and educated them on the basic principles needed for a safe and productive women's fitness program.

You need to know the important principles and guidelines of a safe and effective women's fitness program. To get quick results and remain committed to stay in shape all your life requires proper fitness planning.


Exercise is the best way to stay fit. Working out needs discipline and shouldn't be painful. 'No pain, no gain' is just a myth and definitely not a good advice to follow. Exercise should make you feel healthy and fit and not make you suffer with ice packs.

  Guidelines for women:
  1. 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activity at least three times a week is beneficial.
  2. If your fitness session takes place at home, then walking or riding a bicycle works well. If you plan on performing your specific fitness program at a gym, just use a stationary bike or walk on the treadmill for 10 - 15 minutes.
  3. If you are a homemaker, keep yourself busy at home. Clean your house more frequently.
  4. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. You could begin with 20 minutes of walking a day and then gradually start walking for an hour. But, remember brisk walking is a must.
  5. Get family and friends to exercise with you, if you find it boring to walk alone. Or you could just listen to music and enjoy your walking session.
  6. Learning aromatherapy, acupressure or reiki can be beneficial too.
  7. Laughter is the best exercise, as it keeps you happy and away from stress, which is important for your health.
  8. Weigh yourself once in three days. Your weight can fluctuate during your menstruation cycle.
  9. Before starting a fitness plan it's best to consult a trained professional.
  10. Try and be friends with people who're fitness conscious, so that you too get into the habit of eating right. 
  11. Leave your car at home and try riding a bicycle whenever possible. For instance, while going out shopping to a near by store, etc.
  12. Avoid taking the lift and instead opt for the staircase. This really helps!
  13. Also, maintain a food diary, where you write down all that you eat on a daily basis. This gives you an idea of how many calories you've consumed in a day and will make you more conscious about your diet.
  14. Inspite of trying hard if you're unable to lose weight, it's best to go for a hormonal check up.
Dr. Vivek Nigam - Obesity Specialist
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